Excellence at Work Podcast Episode 253: Unlocking the Culture Conundrum: Leadership, Psychological Safety, and More

Excellence at Work Podcast 253:
Unlocking the Culture Conundrum: Leadership, Psychological Safety and More

Speaker: Alex Draper is the founder and CEO of DX Learning. Alex started life as a trainee schoolteacher in the UK. In 2002, he moved into adult education, joining a global management training organization. In 2005, he moved to Chicago to build and lead their Americas operation.

In 2015, Alex founded DX Learning with the purpose of wiping out bad leadership to create organizations worth working for. DX is now a partner in progressive leadership training to expose and eliminate bad leadership and prepare leaders to put people first.

For the last five years, Alex and his team have narrowed their focus on operationalizing the theory of psychological safety. He has created a simple framework for how leaders can build habits into the flow of work that focus on the core essentials of psychological safety and is working both on empirically testing the framework and writing a book.

Alex has helped develop and unlock the leadership potential in over 40,000 people with DX’s leadership programs worldwide while being a people-first leader himself at work and home and building a human-centric movement.

Host: Rachel Cooke, Brandon Hall Group™

Rachel Cooke is Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst. She is responsible for business operations, including client and member advisory services, marketing design, annual awards programs, conferences and the company’s project management functions. She also leads Advancing Women in the Workplace and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, research and events. Rachel worked in the HCM research industry for 20+ years and held several key management and executive positions within the Talent and Learning Research and Performance Improvement industries.

Company Bio:

DX Learning is here to show leaders at all levels how to change the workplace for the better. We’re humanizing the workplace. Stripping the bad from bosses clears the way for a corporate culture that cares. We create leaders who put people first and activate the aspired culture.

Bad bosses. Inevitable, but not incurable. You have the power to do something about it and build a great culture with a consistent approach for how your leaders should treat their people. We bring your values to life and ensure every leader becomes a culture champion. Culture is a mirror of leadership.

DX Learning won a Gold Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development in the 2023 Brandon Hall Group™ HCM Excellence Awards®.

Topics include:

  • People hear the word “culture” come up a lot in executive conversations right now — what is stimulating the priority on culture?
  • “Culture is a mirror of leadership” — what does that mean?
  • Psychological safety seems to be gathering steam, what is it and why is it so important?
  • What is DX Learning’s playbook?
  • What is a culture champion?
  • Insights from Draper’s journey
  • And more!

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