Excellence at Work Podcast Episode 255: Smart L&D Staffing- The Future of Workforce Flexibility

Smart L&D Staffing: The Future of Workforce Flexibility
— Why the Market Needs More LD Staffing

During this exclusive podcast, AllenComm’s CEO Ron Zamir and Smart L&D Staffing Director Lauren Prisco discuss how staff augmentation can be used by Learning and Development (L&D) teams to strategically meet the challenges organizations are facing in our rapidly evolving industry.

Accelerated technological change, a changing job market, increased requirements for new skills and specialization and the need for agility have created an environment in which many organizations are in search of efficient, scalable and cost-effective staffing solutions. We’ll explore AllenComm’s Smart L&D Staffing offering with its innovative approach, backed by 40+ years of experience and domain and industry expertise, that gives organizations a unique competitive edge.

Drawing from recent research, Zamir and Prisco, along with Brandon Hall Group™ COO Rachel Cooke, delve into the market’s apparent preference for short-term or project-based scalable talent and managed services. They contrast the challenges faced in conventional recruitment — including high costs, and risks associated with new hires — against the evident benefits and advantages of the Smart L&D Staffing model.

Listen to this podcast to understand the future trajectory of the Learning and Development staffing landscape and how, with AllenComm’s approach, businesses can revolutionize their Talent Acquisition strategy for optimum results.

Speaker: Ron Zamir, CEO of AllenComm

Ron Zamir is the CEO of AllenComm. His mission is to help clients navigate the choices that lead to effective learning and training experiences. During Ron’s 24 years at AllenComm, the company has focused on helping customers identify and change critical employee behaviors, raise engagement and focus on training that creates real change. A 33-year industry veteran, Ron has worked globally in the U.S., Israel and South Africa, leading training organizations both as a vendor and an executive. He now brings that experience to clients across the world, as he presents insights about key trends and innovations in the learning and development industry.

Speaker: Lauren Prisco, Director of AllenComm’s Smart L&D Staffing solution

Lauren Prisco is the acting director of AllenComm’s Smart L&D Staffing solution. She brings a unique perspective to staffing strategies, having been engaged as both a purchaser and a provider of L&D talent. During her more than two decades in L&D, Lauren has gained invaluable experience as a developer, facilitator, consultant, strategist, project manager and executive. She has led large-scale, impactful L&D projects for respected industry leaders and organizations, including Biogen, Marsh McLellan and Dunkin’ Brands — among others. Lauren has made it her mission to enhance business impact and create lasting value for her clients.

Host: Rachel Cooke, COO and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group™

Rachel Cooke is Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst. She is responsible for business operations, including client and member advisory services, marketing design, annual awards programs, conferences and the company’s project management functions. She also leads Advancing Women in the Workplace and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, research and events. Rachel worked in the HCM research industry for 20+ years and held several key management and executive positions within the Talent and Learning Research and Performance Improvement industries.

Company Bio:

In partnership with HR and L&D teams, AllenComm designs innovation and scale into the critical training activities we develop to meet critical priorities and objectives. For 40+ years, we have partnered with Fortune 100 companies to develop custom content for transformative learning experiences. Extensive instructional design experience, agency-level creative teams and innovative learning technologies enable us to stand out in the learning landscape.

Considered one of the top 10 firms of its kind for change management, AllenComm has won more than 40 awards year after year for custom learning programs in employee onboarding, reskilling, leadership development, brand, compliance, and sales enablement. AllenComm has more than 130 in-house experts and subject matter professionals across multiple industries.

With a scalable internal workforce and well-honed processes, we are uniquely equipped to create the right mix of eLearning, ILT, vILT, gamification, microlearning, staffing, coaching tools and resources to build learning experiences that match organizational needs.

Additionally, we offer a Smart L&D Staffing support service to augment and scale the in-house training development programs of our clients. We offer a full range of experts on a short or long-term basis, as well as managed services to take projects from start to finish. The AllenComm team becomes your team, offering flexible solutions to manage risk and create transformative benefits.

Partnering with AllenComm to supplement and support human capital management needs has helped our customers reduce expenses, shorten onboarding periods and raise the impact of sales, leadership, branding, upskilling and compliance efforts. For more information, visit allencomm.com.

A Brandon Hall Group™ Silver Smartchoice® Preferred Provider, AllenComm won six awards in the 2023 HCM Excellence Awards.

Topics include:

  • Why is AllenComm investing and expanding its services in the Staffing industry?
  • Introduction to Smart L&D Staffing: A fresh take on workforce short-term or project-based augmentation
  • Discussion of the 2022 data showing a 26% increase in contract jobs
  • Addressing pitfalls such as time-consuming interview processes, expensive onboarding and the potential financial losses from new hires lack of performance
  • The importance of tight alignment, deep and scalable domain expertise, and creating lasting business impact that is scalable
  • Comparing the financial implications of the traditional hiring model against the Smart L&D Staffing approach
  • Predictions for the future of L&D staffing and how organizations can position themselves advantageously


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