Amplifire’s AI-Powered ‘Wizards’
Take Learning Content Creation to New Heights

The most popular use cases for AI, according to Brandon Hall Group™ research, involve accelerating learning content development and enhancing and scaling training activities.

Amplifire, a leading adaptive learning platform, is way ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging AI to accelerate and enhance learning content.

Amplifire integrated large language model (LLM) AI-powered functionalities — currently in beta — to support instructional design and development teams in crafting educational materials. These authoring “wizards” expedite the process of generating questions, modules and complete courses. AI acts as a collaborative assistant for content developers, streamlining the course material development process. The AI assistant optimizes authors’ time, so they spend less time on content ideation and more time on content elevation.

The authoring wizard democratizes high-quality content development for all organizations, especially those with resource constraints. Course development time has significantly decreased following the introduction of AI in the tool.

“We’ve taken content creation to new heights, elevating the content development to deliver an exceptional experience,” said Amplifire Chief Product Officer Nick Hjort.

The authoring wizard takes into account learning objectives, source material, known misinformation and uses tailored prompts built with cognitive science and Amplifire best practices to create course shells in a matter of minutes. This wizard will take just a few clicks to create a draft of didactic learning, questions with varying difficulty levels, plausible answer choices, shadow questions and feedback.

“The incorporation of AI is a game-changer, ushering in a more autonomous, intuitive and expedient course creation process, resulting in the delivery of top-tier educational resources,” Hjort said.

The story of Amplifire’s evolution is compelling. You can get the full story in this solution provider profile and product analysis by Brandon Hall Group™. Here is a quick preview:

Amplifire spent a decade building a brain science-driven adaptive learning solution that addressed one specific problem — a gigantic knowledge distribution crisis in healthcare that was killing an estimated 200-300 people per day, according to medical experts.

Now, after a recapitalization, a unique alliance of healthcare systems to assist with learning content development, and the ability to leverage AI to accelerate production, Amplifire — a two-time Gold Award winner in the Brandon Hall Group™ Excellence in Technology Awards® in 2022 — is ready to expand into several different industries.

Many industries have a problem called CHM, which stands for confidently held misinformation. This involves professionals believing they know how to do something or know how to solve a problem, but they have been taught the wrong way or about the wrong approach. Therefore, problems don’t get solved or get solved incorrectly. In healthcare, CHM is deadly.

Amplifire’s advanced brain science delivery platform has trained or retrained thousands of doctors and nurses. This system reduces training time by 50-86% along with a reduction in adverse events of 60-79%. Amplifire’s other great innovation, led by CEO and co-founder Bob Burgin, was to build the Amplifire Healthcare Alliance, a collaboration of hospital systems dedicated to improving patient care and reducing incidents of avoidable harm by reducing CHM.

Burgin and his team are working to replicate this model for other industries. This model of pairing AI-driven content production with an industry alliance to provide expertise and share revenue is disruptive and has the potential to revolutionize critical training in all major industries.

Amplifire is a unicorn in the learning space whose story has flown under the radar. But we at Brandon Hall Group™ believe they are ready to take off in a big way. Organizations that want to develop future-ready employees should pay close attention. Read more about Amplifire here.



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Claude Werder

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