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Let our expert consultants help unlock your team’s full potential and achieve your business goals. Trust us to guide you towards success.


Experience the power of up-to-date research and global case studies at our consulting firm. We simplify and target efforts for measurable business results. Let us help you streamline your operations and achieve success.

Research, Frameworks, Advisory


Awareness | Executive Decision-Making

Our education workshops provide essential knowledge and can cover a wide range of topics to support your organization’s needs. Our decision-making workshops use research and best practices to help you make key decisions, and we’ll develop interactive workshops that align with your goals. Choose a flexible ½ day to 3-day format for the best outcomes. Some sessions can be as short as one hour or as in-depth as a multi-day workshop.

Research, Frameworks, Advisory


Competitive | Comparative | Maturity Model | Custom Research

Get ahead of the competition with our benchmarking services. We use extensive case studies and research to ‘size up’ your performance against industry trends and similar organizations. Let us help you define what ‘good’ looks like based on your culture and business objectives. We can also provide custom research to support your specific needs and help you achieve excellence in the areas that matter most.

Research, Frameworks, Advisory

Strategy and implementation

Business Case | Planning | Organization & Governance

Maximize your ROI with our strategy offerings. Our expert team uses proven frameworks to assess your program needs, align program goals, and deploy resources efficiently for effective delivery and monitoring. We can fine-tune existing programs or build new ones to meet your strategic goals, from competency programs to performance management and development programs.

Research, Frameworks, Advisory

Technology selection

Vendor Selection | Architecture Design | System Evaluation

Revamp your technology landscape with our expert guidance. We use our knowledge of technology vendors to help you select the right technologies or develop a roadmap for future growth. We save you time and money by shortlisting vendors, developing experience-based use cases, and coordinating with your IT/HRIT team. Let us help you find the right technology for your business needs, so you can stay ahead of the curve and manage costs effectively.

Research, Frameworks, Advisory

Custom research

Program Design | Assessment | Survey | Process Integration

Internal surveys are a great way to hear from your employees. We will match your results with industry trends to make recommendations and action plans. We also do executive interviews and roundtables for qualitative feedback.

Commission our analyst team to create custom research for your organization; we will work on your behalf, whether it is a new trend or industry-specific insights.


Our consulting firm’s mission is clear: we prioritize putting the business first by maximizing the potential of both organizations and their people. We simplify the complex business climate and take a targeted approach to meet you where you are. We offer a wide array of engagement styles and levels of involvement to provide you with the right deliverables and the right level of engagement. Let us simplify and focus on your approach for maximum impact.


Strategy and implementation


Custom Research

Technology Evaluation and selection


Human Resources

  • How can I align HCM programs to support business objectives?
  • Productivity and business results vary from unit to unit. How can we improve this?
  • We struggle to get consistent reporting and meaningful data to our executive team.
  • Technology selection
  • Benchmarking
  • Program evaluation and integration
  • Analytics and harmonization of data throughout talent suite
  • Rewards and Recognition program design
  • Workforce planning programs

Talent Management

  • How do I improve retention for millennial’s and key roles?
  • How can I create leadership to support growth?
  • How can I better recruit millennials?
  • How can talent data help drive business planning?
  • Employee / Employer Value Proposition
  • Integrating Talent Programs
  • Metrics alignment / talent analytics programs
  • Succession management
  • Tehnology alignment to support the talent lifecycle
  • Career development programs

Leadership Development

  • How can I create effective leadership depth at all levels in the organization?
  • How do I attract, engage and retain leaders?
  • How do we build leaders for the future?
  • How can we engage seniors executuves in leadership development?
  • How do we extend leadership development outside the classroom?
  • Masurement and metrics programs/analytics
  • Learning Organization and Governance
  • Integrationg Social, Mobile, Collaborative into learning programs
  • Learning Technology arquitecture and integration to talent / HR systems

Talent Acquisition

  • How can improve the size and quality of the candidate pool?
  • Does our employer brand play well in the job market?
  • How can we make onboarding an engaging and productive experience?
  • Recruting marketing and employer brand campaigns
  • Candidate/new hire experience development
  • recruiting/onboarding/retention metrics and analytics
  • Technology selection
  • Integration of social programs into recruiting

Learning and Development

  • How can we keep pace with a constantly evolving business strategy?
  • How do we engage Millennial, multi-generational and global workforces?
  • How can I make my learning organization more efficient?
  • What skills do I need in the learning organization?
  • Masurement and metrics programs/analytics
  • Learning Organization and Governance
  • Integrationg Social, Mobile, Collaborative into learning programs
  • Learning Technology arquitecture and integration to talent / HR systems

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